Seven Cedars Pizza is our own unique handmade brand. Our Pizzeria quality pizza is baked fresh quickly after your order. We make it easy to call in and grab a hot meal on your way home or to the ball game.

Our Pizza Options are:

Regular Thin
Cheese Only Pineapple
BBQ Hot Wing
Breakfast Meat Lovers
Supreme Beef
Canadian Bacon Italian Sausage
Pepperoni Black Olives
Green Peppers Mushrooms
Onions Pepper Rings
Extra Cheese
Bread Stix Full Order Bread Stix Half Order

Handmade Fresh Breakfast Burritos

Our handmade breakfast burritos feature two types of cheese, eggs, sausage, and bacon wrapped in a 10 inch flour tortilla.  They are available up to 10:00 am.  Choose from our plain breakfast burrito or have onions and peppers or even jalapeños for an added kick.  You can also special order your burrito anytime of the day!!

Kitchen hours: 4 am-8:30 pm Mon-Thur; 4am-10pm Fri; 6:30am-8:30pm Sat & Sun